Francesco Brunello

Sara + Piero

Borga della Rocca - Rocca Susella

Getting ready

Today we are at Borgo della Rocca. First, at the Agriturismo Torrazzetta, Sara and Pietro, strictly in two separate rooms, begin to get ready. Sara is with her closest friends, Pietro with his childhood friends. Sara’s mother, together with her grandparents, are excitedly and they want to toast: today is the big day! Piero, meanwhile, revise with his friends hispromises.

Sara is more beautiful than ever, and is ready to reach Piero. Just outside the farm, Sara’s father, in his high-officer uniform, waits for Sara. He is ready to accompany his daughter to the altar, under the watchful eye of a very special ring security!

Eyes full of love and emotion for Piero and Sara who turn their gaze to their guests who look at them excited, while the little ones – and not only – play at being children!

And after an explosion of rice and colorful confetti just outside the church it’s time to move towards the Borgo della Rocca.

At Borgo della Rocca

On the top of the hill, the Borgo della Rocca with its pretty stone houses winds its way to the secular park from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Alps as if it were a postcard. While the guests enjoy the aperitif in the sumptuous park of Borgo della Rocca, Piero and Sara follow us for some couple shots at sunset.

Meanwhile Monica and the staff of The White Rose set up the dining room for dinner: they are all ready to celebrate Sara and Piero. Dances and dedications have filled everyone’s heart: it’s time to move to the garden where a line of colored fountains are the backdrop for an exciting cutting of the cake!

And now everyone on the track! Before, however, Piero has a surprise for Sara: a bouquet of red roses for the woman of his life.

And today, almost a year after their marriage, we just have to congratulate Sara and Piero, who will soon become mom and dad, just like Alessandra and Marco, who at Camerino announced to their guests that they would soon become parents!

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