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villa borromeo - cassano d'adda

“Cross your fingers for the time too!”, Francesca and Nicola told me. I could only remind him of Giulia and Andrea‘s wedding. Friends and co-founders of Feelmore Videos, decided to get married at the end of september under a blue sky, without a cloud, which gave us a crazy sunset.

Finally, october 3rd begins (and ends) with the sun high in the sky. Nicola, Francesca it could not have been a more beautiful day!

I reach Francesca in one of the splendid frescoed halls of Villa Borromeo, her mua has just arrived with the hairdresser. In the meantime, Monica and the whole team of The White Rose are working to set up the entire location.

Shortly before Nicola, with his witnesses in the apartment he shares with Francesca, among vintage and sophisticated objects, books on economics and ancient literature and paintings, wears his suit.
Today, after meeting them, I am more and more convinced that every detail I noticed in that house spoke of them. Elegant, with kind ways, a little bit of the good old way, untouchable (at least in appearance) and solemn just like those marble statues, those paintings and those tomes scattered around their house.

Francesca is now with her sisters. She is agitated but she does not want to show her emotions too much. She is taciturn. Francesca is concentrating and, thinking that soon she will see Nicola and that they will become husband and wife, she smiles to herself.

In the meantime, all the guests reach Villa Borromeo. Everyone is struck by the grandeur of that Villa dating back to 700.

A close friend of Nicola’s will take the place of the mayor. After the speeches of some Nicola and Francesca friends’, he declares them husband and wife, in front of the eyes of all present who, standing, applauded the new couple.
I assure you, despite the masks, they were smiling!

The day continues amidst the chatter and laughter of all the guests. There was no lack of selfies taken in every corner of the location and virtual hugs, always respecting the rules imposed by the historic moment.

The cutting of the cake is outdoors, ‘Hip-Hip-Hurray!’!

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