Francesco Brunello

Martina + Edoardo

Villa Repui - Besozzo

Getting ready

In the heart of Varese (together with Villa Paradeisos where Jonas and Rosita celebrated their wedding) stands Villa Repui, the location chosen by Edoardo and Martina for their big day. It is in a unique position on the splendid Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore, better known as “Costa Fiorita”.

Edoardo is still in the shower as soon as I arrive at his house. His mother is ready with all the details, just as I requested, well positioned on a dresser at the entrance to Edoardo’s bedroom. Edoardo’s parents’ home is still immersed in the silence of the early morning hours, waiting to welcome all the guests. Edoardo’s brother (a hairdresser, along with Edoardo, from the province of Varese) is finishing Martina’s hairstyle before Martina could wear her beautiful wedding dress. I have known Martina and Edoardo for a few months, and I have already had the opportunity to photograph their love story (yes, they are the protagonists of the Blue Lagoon love story I published a few weeks ago on my Facebook page) and I imagined that the on their wedding day they would have left everyone stunned, and so it was.

The ceremony

The square is crowded with people, in Samarate it is a party and all the citizens await the bride’s arrival curiously, while Edoardo enters followed by his grandchildren. An affectionate sermon, which tells of the childhood of Edoardo and Martina, of when as children they ran away from the working oratory until today.

Villa Repui

It’s time to reach Villa Repui and be fascinated by the view of Lake Maggiore (like the one on Lake Garda where the wedding of Tiziana and Patrizio or on Lake Como, the wedding venue of Charles and Cara was celebrated)! Inside the hall, the imperial table is dedicated to the friends of Edoardo and Martina who go wild at Victor di Victor Music at the sound of toasts, whistles, choirs and screams of joy!

Martina and her super dad open the dances and Martina immediately “disappears”. Edoardo, it’s time for your surprise: Martina changes her look, a medium-short cut frames her sweet face. “Edoardo do you like Martina with short hair?” immediately replies “Yes, but I wanted to cut them!” and smiles!

We all move around the pool where Martina, Edoardo and their friends have organized a flash mob. A sweet first dance as a husband and wife, it’s time to dive into the pool!

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