Francesco Brunello

Mauro + Barbara

Palazzo Reale - Milano

I have always lived in Milan. I admit, however, that there are few times that I got lost to discover unseen points and discover new realities.

Sometimes I would just like to take my camera and try to photograph around people and ask them if they would like to have a shot. I would like to photograph what happens, what I find in front of my eyes, what strikes me and what I would like to share.

Barbara contacted me via social media. She told me that she would get married and that it would be a very intimate wedding. Only 15 guests but she wanted to have a beautiful memory of that day, together with a few friends, her children and the man of her life.

The appointment was at the Excelsior Gallia hotel in Milan, an institution in the area, a jewel of architecture, a symbol of the city. A combination of perfectly in tune elements help to create the spell of a timeless place, wedged between past and future in a moment close to the present, but always a little further ahead.

Barbara’s eldest son welcomes us and immediately takes us to the room where Barbara is getting ready. Meanwhile, her mother is taking care of the youngest who wants to make herself beautiful too to meet her father. Mauro is at home preparing with his mother. A wall of photographs tell us of a family very attached to memories. There are photographs of when they were little, of their adolescence, as a couple, around the world and then there are photos of Barbara in pregnancy and of the newborn babies, when they take their first steps, the first bike ride, etc …

Mauro is ready too and we move together to Palazzo Reale. Palazzo Reale di Milano was for many centuries the seat of the government of the city of Milan. Then, it was acquired to the state property becoming the seat of exhibitions. In the heart of the city, in front of the wonderful Duomo, inside large mirrors that evoke the epochs of the 700-800, the gold leaf frames and crystal drop chandeliers will be the setting for moments that seem magical.

After the fateful “Yes, I do” we moved for a quick toast. Then few shots in the area, between the Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. After that we return to the Gallia hotel. Here where everything was ready for an aperitif with a breathtaking view of all the lights of the city of Milan.

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