Francesco Brunello

Marco + Alexandra

Tenuta Passera Marchiotto - Varese

During an event organized at Tenuta Passera Marchiotto  in the province of Varese, I was lucky enough to meet Nicole and Marino. On the same occasion, I also had the pleasure of meeting Alexandra and Marco’s parents. Marco and Alexandra, at that time in Australia, let their parents help them in their search for the perfect location for their wedding.

Tenuta La Passera is certainly the perfect location to welcome friends and relatives from all over the world. Some from Verbania, some from Argentina, some from Spain, others from Australia.
There was no better choice than Tenuta Passera Marchiotto to organize the symbolic ceremony: it is like they were transported to another reality, far from the noise of the city, immersed in greenery, surrounded by flowers carefully chosen by Donatella di Fabbrica di Idee. Together with her and all her staff, Angela and the New Team Banqueting team is ready to let guests to savor all the Italian delicacies.

Alexandra and Marco had warned me that they would dance a lot and I could only be happy with this news. Their entry into the hall, preceded by witnesses in perfect American style, kicked off the dances that ended with the typical hora loca. Don’t you know what it is? Don’t worry, I’ll explain it right away! This trend comes from Latin America. The hora loca, just as the word itself suggests, lasts an hour and usually takes place during evening weddings, between one and two in the morning. It is nothing more than an hour in which the couple anche their guests dress up with accessories and colored wigs to have the most fun.
I guarantee you: they all enjoyed themselves! Me too!

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