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wedding starts again!

The wedding industry can be restarted: let’s go!

Finally, the government has set a date for the restart also for the wedding sector: on June 15 the wedding industry starts again.

First of all I would like to thank all the trade associations that a few weeks ago presented a health protocol with different rules and limitations to demonstrate that even events and ceremonies could restart in complete safety: 23 protocol pages in which the triage procedures were presented for access to the structure, monitoring and study of the guests’ activity; and then again rules for the sanitation of restaurant: in short, a protocol was presented to restart in complete safety and allow more than 1 million professionals to go back to doing their work!

Let’s see what are the news for this restart.

You have certainly already heard about the Green Pass (and we will talk about it again together) but the decree approved by the government requires event organizers to identify a Covid manager. Who is? What does he do?
Now I’ll explain it to you.

The Covid manager will have to verify compliance with the protocol by the guests and workers of the structure, avoiding gatherings and verifying that the masks are always worn when required. Furthermore, it must allow the tracing of all participants, in the event that positivity occurs among the guests or the staff.

The Covid manager will also supervise the entire banquet, for which other rules are provided: the distance between the tables must be at least 2 meters and the possibility for guests to touch what is displayed is excluded, it will be the staff in charge, therefore, to serve every type of dish at the table; we are awaiting more precise information regarding the number of wedding participants.

Strict rules also for music and dance during the reception: musical groups must distance themselves at least 3 meters from the public if they are not equipped with anti-droplet barriers near the microphone.

And here we are at the Green Pass: what’s this? And how does it work?

Let’s keep calm: it really is simpler than we think.

How to get the green pass?

  • to have completed the vaccination cycle;
  • OR to be cured of Coronavirus infection;
  • OR have carried out a swab in the previous 48 hours, which must obviously be negative.

And what about the curfew?
From 7 June it will be moved to midnight while it will be completely abolished at the beginning of the summer.

Yes, the bride and groom will then be able to go back to experiencing all the emotions of the big day surrounded by the affection of relatives and friends: everything will be even more beautiful and more exciting!

Everything must always be managed according to the principles of safety, distancing and the lowest possible risk of contagion. The most important thing is that we can return to get excited and celebrate!

Thanks again to all the couples who trusted me and my advice: the desire to celebrate and get excited again is too strong in all of us and we will finally be able to satisfy your wishes.


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See you soon!