Francesco Brunello

Valentina + Tommaso

Castello di Corticelli - Piacenza

In Piacenza there is a place that catapults you into a magical atmosphere. It’s Corticelli castle. Large expanses of wheat that cover all shades of yellow. Neat rows of DOC vines. An incredible view of the Piacenza hills.

Corticelli castle comes to life in a medieval village dating back to the 15th century. It’s surrounded by a large park and a magnificent panoramic view of the valley.

Valentina and Tommaso, as tradition dictates, are preparing in two different rooms together with their witnesses and parents. In the park of the Corticelli castle everything is set up to recreate a magical atmosphere. Straw seats and colorful wildflowers scattered around the whole park will welcome guests.

Everyone is ready, Tommaso and Valentina’s friends, from various parts of the world, can’t wait to see their friends arrive: first Tommaso and then Valentina, accompanied by her dad, under the attentive and excited gaze of their best friends.
An intimate but deeply felt ceremony: each of the witnesses gave words of great affection to their friends, some even in rhyme, making the guests laugh and smile by telling funny anecdotes from their childhood!

Immediately afterwards, running away to sip something fresh, to tease some of the curious delicacies cooked by Le Cuoche – l’Anticatering for guests while someone takes a nap in the sun, someone plays mini-paddle, while others enjoy the breathtaking view of the Piacenza hills.

The sunset gives us a crazy atmosphere and we could not miss the opportunity to take some couple photos before moving to the inner courtyard of the Corticelli castle and enjoying the party to the rhythm of laughter, toasts, organized games and video-memories!

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