Francesco Brunello

Giorgia + Andrea

Convento dei Neveri - Bergamo

Do you know Convento dei Neveri? No? Ok, I’ll talk about it!

Usually – indeed, always – it is the future bride who contacts me. Let’s face it, women have a sixth sense. They want their big day to be perfectly organized and they want to meet firsthand the suppliers they selected before making the final choice.

In this case it went more or less like this, but as soon as Giorgia put one foot in my studio, even before I could say: “Good morning and nice to meet you” she had already said these words: “Andrea is at work, but there was no need for him to come: “I have already chosen, then, where do we start?”

In addition to being flattered, I smiled.
I remember a scene more or less similar to the wedding of Valeria and Francesco. Under a downpour ¬†with an umbrella in hand to repair my cameras, Roberta stops me. “Hi, I’m getting married next year and I want you as a photographer at my wedding!”. Matteo, her future husband, laughed behind her and commented saying:” She is a very determined person! “.
In both cases, I could only answer ‘Ok’. They already knew everything about my way of working and had already seen my whole website!

Giorgia, sparkling, charismatic and with an agile talk and Andrea, who says few words and what he says are thought out, calibrated, without really showing his mood. At Giorgia’s home cousins, relatives, witnesses and friends of the heart and the table set for an aperitif before going to church. At Andrea’s home, mom and dad and his three witnesses and to celebrate a bottle of sparkling wine, “not too much”, as Andrea says, who is already starting to feel his legs tremble with emotion. I think about¬†Maria and Alessandro , she is explosive and he is very, very, very introverted: it is true, opposites attract!

Giorgia in the dress of her dreams imagines her prince charming at the altar and a crowd of friends and relatives is looking forward to applauding – and toasting – the new spouses. Five canonical minutes of delay and the ceremony begins!

All in a hurry to the Convento dei Neveri – I always arrive before the guests, I want to ‘enjoy’ the location by photographing the best of the place that the newlyweds have chosen, to photograph precisely those characteristics that represent the newlyweds, organize transfers and find interesting corners to be able to use for couples-photo.

I must admit, the Convento dei Neveri was a pleasant surprise: a dinner under the stars before letting loose in the rain but Andrea and Giorgia do not lose heart and invite all friends to take shelter and romp to the rhythm of music to warm up!

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