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villa perego - inverigo

Do you remember Villa Perego di Cremnago and Emanuele and Alexandra wedding’s?

The day had not started in the best way. I was in the car with Andrea, head of Feelmore Video and we stopped on the highway to shelter from too much rain. I have to call Chiara. I warn her that we will be a few minutes late.
Driin. She anticipates what we were about to tell her because she knew that the rain had created some little discomfort on the streets. ‘He took it well’ I think and Andrea smiles!

Yes, Chiara cannot waste time and take anxiety for bad weather. Little Bianca wants to wear her princess dress and she can’t wait to hug her dad. Her witnesses check the weather every three minutes and they reassure her. Alessandro tells us that you are calm… but we know it, dear Ale, we could read it on your face that you were super excited and you couldn’t wait to see your Chiara! We never believe it.

Alessandro and Chiara are ¬†education, kindness, good manners, nice talking, family, love .. and yes, beauty. Chiara’s dad is excited, but Chiara reassures us that it is normal .. strong emotions shake him and he also tells us about when little Bianca was born! A rain of rice and white petals and … running on location!

Villa Perego di Cremnago has moved us for the wedding of Emanuele and Alexandra but I assure you that it has also given unforgettable views for Chiara and Alessandro .. and you will never imagine what a sunset! Toasts, songs, dances, jokes and a shower of colored sparks for a cake cut worthy of two romantics like Alessandro and Chiara!

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