Francesco Brunello

Sebastiano + Alessandra

Castello di Corticelli - Piacenza

First of all, I have to thank Giorgia, of Giorgia Planner, because she managed to organize, despite the many bans of the period, an event in line with the ideas and dreams of Alessandra and Sebastiano at the Castello di Corticelli, even exceeding all my expectations.

Do you remember the atmosphere at the Corticelli Castle, in the Piacenza hills, of Tommaso and Valentina wedding day? Today, we go back right there for Sebastiano and Alessandra’s big day.

It is true, they had to narrow the list of guests up to 30 people, number allowed by the DPCM in progress for the wedding ceremony. They had to give up on wild dancing with all their friends. I assure you, their eyes were full of joy – yes, the one that makes you say, really with tears in your eyes, “We did it!” after months and months of uncertainty and indecision due to the historical moment we have, and are, living through.

A smooth white silk dress, without laces, laces or sequins, only pure white silk in all its elegance that only a fabric like this, coming from distant Japan, is capable of transmitting only by the touch, or the sight and a very ceremony intimate but full of emotion under the watchful eyes of their dachshunds, today’s exceptional guests, which ended with a warm applause as soon as Giorgia, who for the occasion wore the clothes of a city councilor, said these words : “[…] I declare in the name of the Law that you are united in marriage!”

Removed the tricolor band Giorgia joined the florist, as well as part of her family with whom she shares the passion for her work, who for the occasion transformed one of the interior rooms, in true medieval style, of the Corticelli Castle into an enchanted place among compositions created with iron wires, ears of wheat, white and yellow daisies and wild flowers, in true rural-chic style.

All the guests can take their seats: in the meantime Giorgia prepares the table of the naked cake chosen for the occasion by Alessandra and Sebastiano and after the last shots of the day, I greet the newly married couple, thanking them, as I always do, for trusting me, of having believed in Giorgia and having seconded her words when she reassured them saying that they would be able to fulfill their dreams despite the restrictions due to COVID-19.

More than ever like this time, love cannot be stopped!

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