Francesco Brunello

Vincenzo + Aram

Villa Caroli Zanchi - Stezzano

We met about 5 years ago: Aram was pregnant for the first time and looking on social media she found my Instagram profile and contacted me immediately to capture those moments.

A couple of years later I receive a call from Aram telling me that she is expecting her second child, a boy, and we met in my photographic studio with Vincenzo for a new maternity shooting. Last year Aram asked me for information for the christmas photo-shoot and… surprise! Her third child was also born and .. double surprise: Vincenzo asked her to marry him!

They still did not know anything, it was still all to decide, location, period. Aram and Vincenzo were sure I had to be the photographer – also – of that day.

I don’t like clichés but here it falls just right. Just during the wedding I heard one of the guests say to Aram and Vincenzo “It’s really true that opposites attract!”, smiling while watching Aram dance and jump barefoot in the super-manicured grass of Villa Caroli Zanchi and Vincenzo chatting together with some friends.
While watching this scene, something occurred to me: what if instead of thinking of two opposites, we started thinking of them as two complementaries? Wouldn’t that sound better? In the sense that the differences between the two become, by knowing each other, an opportunity to learn?
And so, surely, Aram has learned to be more reflective from Vincenzo and instead he has learned to enjoy life to the full and to face every challenge with a smile, just like Aram does. Indeed, Aram’s smile is contagious!

An exceptional location for this event: Villa Caroli Zanchi could not have been a better choice!

Despite the heat, Aram and Vincenzo chose to celebrate their wedding outdoors, in the park of Villa Caroli Zanchi in front of the statue of Neptune surrounded by blue hydrangeas, the color of the sea, the theme of their setting.

A small delay caused by the fact that it is too hot to hug even stronger: just after the ceremony, the atmosphere becomes even warmer to the rhythm of Latin salsa!

Music, little singers, flashmobs, couple dances and dedications filled this day that filled my heart with joy, for Aram and Vincenzo!

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