Francesco Brunello

Alexandra + Emanuele

Villa Perego - Inverigo

Getting ready

The work brought them far from their hometown. Alexandra and Emanuele live in Venice but for their wedding they decided to get married in Villa Perego, in the province of Como. They decide to celebrate the wedding in the fantastic hermitage of Varese and after an infinity of steps, the view from up there was breathtaking.

Alexandra is in the annex together with her parents and her family, who arrived in Italy from Cuba just for the wedding. Equally, Emanuele is with his parents and with no small emotion he wears the dress he chose in his bedroom, “full of memories of ‘childhood”.

A walk in the park with their little dog before reaching the hermitage. Alexandra is of breathtaking beauty, olive complexion and an excited but determined and proud look. Her dad didn’t take his eyes off her for a moment.

The ceremony

The hermitage was crowded with people, super unbridled friends with a crazy desire to have fun.. First, an exciting moment of Alexandra’s sud-american tradition. The parents joined the couple with a ‘lasso’ that identifies the union of the two wishing him a long life full of love, luck and prosperity, just like the exciting ceremony of Alejandra and Dario in Mexico.

Villa Perego

Under a rain of colored petals, the sunlight accompanies us to Villa Perego. Here, everything is set up to welcome friends and relatives. Thank to Katia, La Casa dei Sapori wedding planner’s for her good job that we already met her to Alessandra and Alessandro wedding day at Castello Durini!

Just enough time for a walk ‘kissed by the sun’ before returning to the reception room of Villa Perego carefully set up and being greeted with a stadium roar by all friends. Lughter, songs, dedications and ‘team’ games (Emanuele plays rugby and all his rugby friends wanted to dedicate ad hoc dedications to him!).

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