Francesco Brunello


here we are again!

The wedding industry has (re) started up. Prepare the rice and polish your shoes! Let’s start again!

Weddings restart 15th June. We will just have to pay attention to some rules that are not too difficult to follow.

After the numerous questions, today I can give you some more indications from the recent meetings between the wedding category and the regional leaders, which established new guidelines for the conduct of post-COVID-19 celebrations and weddings.

The main question is one. Do we have to wear the mask for the the celebration and party?

So let’s start with the suppliers. All wedding operators who will participate in the wedding must wear a mask and gloves and carry out their work respecting, of course, the safety distances. The mask, on the other hand, can be avoided by the married couple during the ceremony, during which the celebrant must be at least two meters away from the couple, who will be subjected to temperature measurement and disinfection of the hands. Guests must always be wearing a mask and will still be able to attend the ceremony by observing the predetermined distances between one seat and another, thus enjoying the emotion that only physical presence can give.

Another question concerns restaurant banquets.

At the restaurant, the Covid-19 wedding rules provide for a distance of 1.5 meters between each diner. The waiters, like all suppliers, will be equipped with a mask and gloves and will serve the guests in compliance with the health and hygiene prevention regulations.

Last but not least, you can dance outdoors! Yes, we will be able to go wild outdoors to the rhythm of music

Everything must always be managed according to the principles of safety, distancing and the lowest possible risk of contagion. The most important thing is that you can return to get excited and celebrate!


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