Francesco Brunello

Waiting for Cristiano

Maternity Shooting

I know Sabina and Marco for a few years. And I want to tell you how we met. I was in the waiting room with Desy, my little baby. She, always full of energy, continued to play, and I looked at the front door of the maternity ward. My wife Morena gave birth to Daniel, our second child. Sabina and Marco were right there. We did not know yet, but we were all in the same department: Asia was born the day after. That is how our friendship was born, thanks to our children who made us met.

At first there were only glances between me and Marco. We were two daddy restless for our kids. Then Morena and Sabina smiled and tired after childbirth but with her eyes full of love watching Daniel and Asia. Let’s start telling us about our lives and, today, that Sabina and Marco are going to relive those emotions they remembered me.

Driin. The phone rings. I look at the cellphone screen.
“Ohh, Hello Marco, how nice to feel you! How are you? How is Asia? ”
Marco tells me that they are all fine and that there are some news. Sabina is pregnant again, Cristiano will be born soon.

They ask me to take some pictures of their family. Sabina and Marco ask me to tell their story, that of little Asia and her little brother. They want to have an indelible memory of these magical emotions. I was excited. They have revived the moment we met and made me revive the emotions of Daniel’s birth. I was honored. They had chosen me to capture the story of their family.

And today, we have sailed on Laveno lake. Sabina and Marco love the lake and sailboat. A couple who love the freedom to travel ‘slowly’. A couple who loves to be surrounded by nature and find themselves in the blue waters of the lake. It was a day full of sunshine and laughter. Asia made the afternoon more fun, her eyes, her smiles were only for Cristiano, her little brother. Looks, sighs of love, gestures, little kisses, shouts of joy, eyes full of happiness, spontaneity, and love.

Cristiano, your mom, your dad and Asia are waiting only for you.

The baby calls his mom and asks “Where did I come from? Where did you pick me up?”
Mom mourns, cries, and smiles “You were a desire inside my heart.”
(Rabindranath Tagore)

As always, Andrea and Feelmore Videos followed us all afternoon and created an exciting memory of that day.

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