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Maternity Shooting

It’s a beautiful sunny day, Spring is coming and Aram is beautiful more than ever. Aram has a different light in his eyes; Aram is about to become a Mummy. There is nothing more beautiful in the world than two eyes full of happiness and pride in showing his body and making known to the whole universe her baby.

And yes, Aram decided to immortalize these moments full of emotions, she decided to remember to these moments…
Aram is born of italian mother and senegalese daddy. I could stay here for hours and hours to describe Aram, her sweetness, her beauty, her colors. She seems to say to his little girl, “Quiet, I’m with you, now and forever my little one.” But I do not like to lose too much time, “a photo tells a History … and is more powerful than pages and pages written… ”

I love tell about myself, as I have already done, through my photographs, and I love tell you about photographs that talk about stories, photos that talk about Life: this is the goal of my services, in an even more sweet for maternity services.

This is almost like a new experience for me. Until now I have always told you about couple promises eternal love. I’ve always shown you shots telling about families, interlaced stories, different generations of curious eyes. Then the arrival of Desirè and Samuel and the first photos of a mother, my wife, who was waiting for my first baby. Then the curiosity and the desire to give more, to involve you more, in a unique way.

Here’s a new four-handed project with Andrea and Feelmore Videos that you already know. Feel free, mum! Have fun, smile, remember that every detail, from the backstage to the shots, Andrea will be able to convey to the magic.

The essential is invisible to the eyes: you do not see well with your heart.
(The little prince, Antoine by Saint-Exuperì)

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