Francesco Brunello



When we say that we like to be family photographers we mean just that.

We met Pino and Cristina at the wedding of a cousin of Pino. At their wedding at the Grand Hotel Bristol in Stresa little Ludovica was the soul of the party. This year, at Francesca and Alessandro’s wedding, we found Cristina expecting. Another little woman: Cecilia.
Cristina wants to remember these moments and relive them even when Ludovica and Cecilia will grow up. It is September and we propose to Cristina to go for a ride in the park, in the late afternoon.
The light of the setting sun at the end of September always gives us great emotions.
We immediately show some shots on our Facebook page and also Lara, whom we know from 2014 when she said her Yes to her great love Alessandro, wants to capture these moments, with the splendid sunset light.

And today, that Cristina gave birth to little Cecilia, after a few shots of the little ones in the Christmas version, in mid-April Cecilia will receive the sacrament of Baptism, and we will still be there, alongside them to capture those moments.

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