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We met Aram on a beautiful sunny day in early spring when Aram, beautiful more than ever, was pregnant with her baby, Alliya.

Today, a few years later, Aram still remembered us, she wants to remember these moments forever: Aram is waiting for her second child.

It is winter, Christmas has just passed and in the studio everything is ready to welcome Aram and his new family to come. Little Alliya is all curls and sympathy: during the maternity service we always involve the whole family and Alliya did not miss the opportunity to appear with her most beautiful smile.

During the maternity service in the studio we propose a series of clothes suitable for this moment: every woman, every mother must feel at ease in showing the new life to come. Don’t worry: Cristina too, during her maternity session outdoors on a hot day in early September, chose what to wear, to feel free .. you just have to wear your best smile, we’ll take care of the rest!

Even today Aram is radiant with his dark curls and that dazzling smile that characterizes every expectant mother, but as I have said before, “a photograph tells a story … and is more powerful than written pages“.

Here the new story of Aram.

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