Francesco Brunello

sabrina + alberto

valle delle sfingi - Verona

I am very happy and flattered when I receive emails from engaged couples who write to me that they have seen the latest engagement photo shoot posted on Instagram. This time, however, Alberto is writing to me: he is a photographer who opened the doors of his home-studio to me and together with Sabrina. Alberto and Sabrina made me discover the  Valley of the Sphinxes, not so far from home, that left me breathless.

Alberto, who in life is a professional photographer, this time finds himself in front of the camera. Together with Sabrina they allowed me to tell their story through my photography.

As always I have to thank you – Alberto and Sabrina in particular – because you believe in me, you rely on me – literally with your eyes closed – and in the evening when I find myself immersed in my thoughts in the dark of the night, perhaps reading – or reread – the comments under the Facebook posts I smile, because, yes, the road is still long, but, day after day, you help me understand that the direction I have taken is the right one – and you make me also dreamer, and I never have been!

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