Francesco Brunello

Marzia + Edoardo

I Pini di Aquilino

Spring means only one thing .. who guesses?

Of course … the mini photo sessions are starting!

Perhaps some of you no longer remember what they are, where they are made or still have some doubts: so let’s do a little review!

Let’s start with when .. what is the best time for outdoor mini photo sessions? This is easy .. when the summer allows us to admire crazy sunsets, when the fields are filled with flowers, when we can wear long and colorful clothes, linen and bermuda shorts ..

Those who know me (and follow me on my social channels) could guess the answer to the question “Where do the photo sessions take place?” At the park of I Pini di Aquilino, in Cornaredo, a stone’s throw from Milan: it is a small wood dedicated to leisure (including exploration, movement and teaching), an ideal place for those who want to immerse themselves in nature.

I answer the most important question: what are mini photo sessions? They are real photo sessions that take place outdoors; they are a different way to spend time with your family, your partner, your children and your four-legged friends! All you have to do is have fun, chat and think of something beautiful: any occasion is an excellent idea to celebrate with an outdoor photo session, whether it is an engagement service, a family, a maternity or a portrait session.

Some time ago Marzia and Edoardo received a gift, a voucher for an engagement service. What better opportunity to take advantage of the arrival of summer and celebrate the arrival of the Rodolfo peak!

Light, soft clothes, soft but colorful colors and a 36-tooth smile: these are the only ingredients for this photo shoot!

If you want to give yourself a photo shoot or want to get yourself a gift, write me for more info!