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Ilenia + Melissa

Soggiorno fotografico

When I have to describe the various photo shoots, I relive the sensations I experienced during the shoot.

Ilenia and Melissa’s engagement photo-shoot represented a ‘new beginning’. We need to be aware of the changes COVID-19 days have brought in the lives of all of us.

Who agrees with me?

2020 made us re-discover the pleasure of watching a movie on the sofa at home. It has allowed us to dedicate more time to people we love.

My 2021 started just like that. A photo shoot for Ilenia and Melissa inside my photo living room with ‘only’ an old white sofa marked by time and a red blanket. Here’s what I mean, 2020 told us to appreciate the value of the ‘little things’ and little pleasure.

Two soap and water¬†girls’, two girls, perhaps still adolescents, who fully experience the joys and sorrows of the society in which we live, who have been able to build an armor to overcome difficulties but who also know how to cry if they are afraid. They want to grow and change together!

During a live Instagram in which we anticipated the result of the engagement photo shoot, one of you asked me to describe Melissa in a few words, despite having known each other for a short time.

Melissa, vain (in the good sense of the word, perhaps just to hide those fears I was talking about before), is full of energy, does not stand still for a moment and does not stop talking for a second (here we go agreement, I’m a big chatterbox too!). Ilenia, who loves her body, always respecting it, has chosen to stay a step behind Melissa but not because she is unable to reach her but because she loves her so much that he stays behind her to protect her and see her achieve her goals.
What do you say, Ilenia and Melissa, have I been good? Of course, I understand one thing. Both, although they know that life is not made up only of the smiles that we show every day on our social pages, will not stop believing in their dreams, to the sound of laughter and love!

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