Francesco Brunello

Heloise + Henrique

Nuvem de Coco - Brazil

Brasil, colorful and immense Brasil for a great style wedding. I have already told you about the city of Curitiba, Brazil, about the sounds, the colors, the smells that invade the whole city. Today, however, I tell you about a particular day, the day before the Leticia and Marcelo street engagement. It was an amazing wedding in Brasil, all was kept in detail, a ‘top’ event.

The city today is immersed in the clouds, here in Brazil is early summer but it seems to be in London with its gray colors, though there was a whole Brazilian heat. Today it is imperative to put yourself in a great pump and it is time to prepare for the big day!

Heloise and Enrique follow the tradition, they can not meet before the big Yes and decide to prepare themselves in two different locations. Henrique’s preparation is at his parents’ home, wrapped in the warmth of his family. Then I move with Heloise to one of the rooms of Hotel Boutique Nomaa, located in the elegant Batel district. Here, from the top floors of the Hotel, the view of the city is breathtaking. It was an exciting preparation for Heloise, who in every gesture and word wants to remember her great love for her grandmother.

We move to the Church of St. Augustine for the great ceremony. A spectacular arrival, in true vintage style, with the Volkswagen T2 bumper. Emotions, tears, smiles and love filled the Cathedral at the time of “Yes, I want it!”

There are not many words that describe Buffet Nuvem de Coco, a luxurious location for a big wedding. A crazy location, immense spaces, huge crystal chandeliers illuminated the reception hall.They have decided to do things in great (- the big day is one and everything must be crazy). Heloise and Henrique thought about everything, and everyone! A monitor showed to the guests the big day, a live-sounding band entertained the happiest guests, and there were books and games dedicated to children.

A two-meter wedding cake pre-announces the end of the day, but … it’s just now that the lights are down, they change color and let’s start the party! It was a devastating day, a great opportunity for me and a crazy day for Heloise and Henrique and the great guests! Thank you again for choosing me for this wonderful wedding in Brasil!

Ohh, como te quiero, Brasil! Good vision!

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